GradFilter Pro is a plugin written by Roger Barnes for AfterShot Pro (and previously Bibble 5), both camera RAW image processing programs.

GradFilter Pro is no longer available for sale. Existing customers may still download the plugin using the details provided with their registration.

Important note: AfterShot Pro 2.0+ is not supported at this time.

GradFilter Pro simulates a set of graduated neutral density filters as well as tinted graduated filters. Although typically used to darken a bright sky or brighten a dark subject so that both the sky and subject are properly exposed, their uses extend to many types of exposure control. In an ideal world, a real physical filter would be used as this maximises the dynamic range of the image hitting the film plane/sensor, but this plugin is still quite useful in many situations where one doesn't have such a filter to hand, especially when working with RAW files. In some ways, the plugin provides a greater amount of flexibility, by stretching the physical constraints of a real filter to allow the "addition" of light.

Want to try before you buy? Download a demo version Important note: This download is a DEMO only. The full version does not include a permanent center line when the plugin is used.

GradFilter Pro is no longer available for sale. Existing customers may still download the plugin using the details provided with their registration.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support, feedback and gentle encouragement over the years. Alas, my attention is now diverted to other things.

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NDGrad interface

NDGrad interface


Enables the filter effect


This option throws the laws of physics out the door and lets you simulate an ND filter that can increase the amount of light passing through! This turns out to be very useful for brightening foreground shadows when the sky is correctly exposed. The effect of the option is to change the filter transition from the default dark→clear to clear→bright. Note: GradFilter Pro users will need to choose a color other than the default black to see an effect.

Center line

Draws a black line across the image where the center of the transition effect occurs to assist with rotation and offset adjustment.


Strength of the filter. The lowest setting is equivalent to no effect. The highest setting darkens the image by 90% at its darkest point. With the above brighten option enabled, the highest setting increases the brightness by 900% at its brightest point.


Specifies how quickly the filter transitions. The lowest setting applies a linear gradation, whereas the highest setting has a very sharp transition.


Locates where the filter is centered. The default is the center of the image, with the extreme settings moving the effect towards respective edges


Sets the rotation of the filter in degrees.

Filter Tabs

Up to 3 separate filters can be applied with independent settings.

GradColor selector

GradFilter Pro allows selection of a color for each filter.

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These downloads are for the legacy version of the free plugin, which is available for Bibble only. Please see the purchase information for details of the Pro version for AfterShot Pro.

All available compiled versions for Linux, Windows and Mac and install instructions are included in the archive.

Previous versions

GradFilter-2.0.1.bzplug - for Bibble 5.1+ - for Bibble 5.0.x (Linux and Windows only) (Linux only)

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